Poison Wind

Jackson Chase Novella No. 3

Fragments of a message found on the computer of a Russian billionaire bring former NZSAS trooper Jackson Chase and his team to the heart of the Middle East. Working together with the Shin Bet, Chase embarks on an undercover reconnaissance mission into Gaza to unravel the mystery.

The truth he reveals is almost too horrific to contemplate. But is an attack on Israel really the terrorists’ aim? Or is it something far more sinister? 

Join Jackson Chase as he faces a plot so frightening it could change the face of the Middle East forever. 

Poison Wind is the third adventure in the Jackson Chase novella series. Like the originals, it’s weekend-sized at 30,000 words.

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Jackson Chase Novella No. 2

“Killing me will not change anything. He will keep sending us.”

Formerly a soldier with the New Zealand SAS, Jackson Chase is back with Naval Intelligence officer Haley Chen and SEAL Chief Joe Sterba, the team that worked so well together in Afghanistan. A brutal bomber is terrorizing the town of Arusha, targeting western tourists and threatening Tanzania’s delicate balance of religions. Jackson and his team push their skills to the limit as they set out on the trail of the terrorist, and the search rapidly becomes a frantic race against time.

In an action packed tale of loyalty and betrayal, false leads and true courage, the tension mounts as the threat is revealed to be far more sinister than it had initially appeared. 

Who is the mastermind behind the attacks? And can he be stopped before more innocents lose their lives?

Troubleshooters is the second adventure in the Jackson Chase novella series. Like the original, it’s weekend-sized at a touch under 30,000 words.

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Jackson Chase Novella No. 1

Jackson Chase served with the New Zealand special forces for many years, but a mission in Afghanistan leads him into a world of intrigue and betrayal that will put all of his skills to the test.

From a high stakes rescue mission to a worldwide manhunt and ultimately to the potential assassination of a foreign leader, Chase and his team must unravel the knot tied by a spy gone bad.

The action is true to life and hard hitting as Connor Black introduces Jackson Chase, an exciting new character with a quick wit and fierce sense of loyalty and duty.

Exposure is a novella—at a touch under 30,000 words, it comes to about 140 pages on paper.

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